handmade cards

A very special venture between myself and my sister, we have begun making custom handmade cards for my clients using their photos. During a time that people can be so consumed with digital products, we like to create custom, handcrafted cards that will be very special to open and set you apart  by making a stunning impression on anyone who receives one.

Tiffany ( my sister)  has always had a passion for papers and handmade goods. She worked in several specialty paper stores around Los Angeles and learned how to use them for many creative and interesting purposes;  creating cards, collages and very special pieces of art for friends & family.

We also worked together on "'The Trick or Freaks,'" a handmade Halloween book that was sold in several boutiques around Los Angeles.  Written by Tiffany Winget, and illustrated by her husband, Darin Bennett, each book was handcrafted and made with a beautiful torn paper covers. This style will be emulated on our cards. 

I am so excited that she will now be working with me to make these beautifully handcrafted and special card for my clients. 

A gallery of some examples is above. They are only samples as each card (or set of cards) will be  will be custom designed to your needs and matched to the photos that you would like to use.

Please contact me for pricing and more information!!!

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