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Why should you work with me on your headshots?

I began the first 8 years of my career working in casting at FOX. As I worked on some of the best television shows, I also studied more headshots than should be possible in a lifetime. While reviewing them, I learned what makes a headshot stand out, how to capture good angles and many other tips and tricks to help create a great photo.

In fact, I believe my careful examination of headshots influenced my entire photographic style which attempts to bring an intimate closeness and personality to all of my photos. For actors, I am also happy to set aside some time during our session to talk about the world of casting, acting and everything I learned on that side of the business.

Headshots are one of the single most important pieces of an actor's toolbox and should be updated often. I am more than happy to help you figure out how to get the best photo to get you to the next level of meetings and auditions.

Headshot Profile Pic Sessions

Primarily for actors starting out or anyone looking for an update to their business or social media portfolio, I offer a quick, easy and inexpensive headshot "mini-session" aimed at getting one great photo of you that can be used across many platforms.

Packages & Pricing

Please inquire for more information about my pricing and packages. Packages start at $150 for the base level profile pic session.

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