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***NAME CHANGE***:  My full name is Stacey Winget Cochrane, which was officially changed after getting married in 2014. Until recently, I chose to keep my original business name to avoid confusion for clients. However, for many reasons I have now chosen to make the business officially Stacey Cochrane Photography.  If you were referred to Stacey Winget Photography,  have no fear, you are in the right place!*****

When asked what excites me most about photography, my answer is always the same: capturing moments. I believe that whether finding people enjoying their time at a party, capturing a newborn with a cute smile, clicking the lens at the exact right moment during a portrait shoot, or setting up a product with just the right lighting and angle to show off its beauty, photography is about commemorating the moments in our lives that we want to remember. While I shoot many different types of photography, my experience allows for a seamless transition between mediums and styles.

I began my career as an entertainment executive working in casting at FOX. I had the amazing opportunity to work on some of my favorite television shows and help the careers of many budding young actors. However, the thing that was most valuable was spending a huge part of my day studying and looking at photographs which have, in turn, heavily influenced my style. After years of working on TV shows and looking through thousands of headshots, I decided to be a full-time photographer.

I have learned that nothing is more important in a working relationship than communication. I work very closely with every client to ensure they are comfortable, happy and have fun throughout the whole process.

Please contact me for all of your photography needs - I look forward to hearing from you!


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